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Part No. FFS-L

New full material molding compressed polyurethane. These front sponsons
allow for faster turns, no submarining in turns, better and easier control in
race conditions. Used by some of the top Pro Racers on Kawasaki SX-R’s
and Hydrospace S4’s: Alberto Monti (2008 Pro Ski Open World Champion),
Steve Dauliach (2011/2012 IJSBA Pro Ski World Champion), Renaud Urbain,
Alessia Ida, Macc, Goodchild, Bossche and many other Pro Racers. These
sponsons will change and improve the handling of the SX-R and Hydrospace
dramatically! Made in Italy.
Short version of Front Sponson is legal for Ski Stock, Ski Limited, Ski
Superstock and Ski GP.
Long version of Front Sponson is legal for Ski Limited, Ski Superstock and
Ski GP (No Ski Stock for 2013 IJSBA rules).

Mounting on ski

1) from the back side of the Hydrospace 66/66,5cm and SXR 64-64,5cm just put the end of the
sponsons on the hull, then put the sponsons 2 front pre-hole in the bottom side at 5
mm up from the hull’s bottom and drill and fix the rear up pre-hole and sign with a pen
the shape of the sponsons. take off the sponson and use sand paper 80 or 100gr to
clean the surface of the hull and of the sponson too.
2) now you can apply the sealant ( we suggest 3M-08694) on the surface’s hull and
sponson, put the sponson on the hull and screw the hole in the back side you did
before but not torque too much , then drill and torque at the same way the other rear
pre-drlled hole ,
3) now drill and fix and torque not too much the next pre-drilled hole up and down and go
at the same way for the others hole. Is very important after drilled and fixed the
two back side holes don’t drill the front ones they must be the last ones.
4) after drilled and fixed all the screw you can start to torque better starting from the
middle and going at the next one screws left and right up and down.
5) after fixed the sponsons put some sealant (3M-08694) around it to close water
intrusion between hull and sponsons and wait more o less one day before to ride